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Short Introduction

The premium quality Herbal Shisha flavours. For meeting the high expectations of the most demanding shisha lovers across the world Master Shisha uses the best quality and specially selected raw materials that guarantee the highest product quality. Master shisha flavors has been infused with the most meticulously picked natural and nature identical flavors for bringing the most enjoyable shisha for you.Master Shisha is committed to provide the best quality shisha with a variety of delicious mouthwatering flavors. Master Shisha hookah flavors are manufactured in small batches that packed upon order for guaranteed freshness. Pickup any box of Master Shisha hookah flavor and experience it yourself why “Master Shisha gives the ultimate taste of shisha”.

Master Shisha Double Apple flavour gives apple lovers a stronger flavored apple than the regular Apple shisha flavour available’s . Not only does this shisha pack some serious flavor, it is also one of the most popular flavors. Double apple flavour traditionally concentrate more on the sweet, and less on the anise (licorice) flavors that are common in apple flavored shisha. This added sweetness will satisfy any sweet-tooth’s cravings, and also makes this a good shisha to bring other flavors in on for a solid mix.

When life gives you lemons, mix them with mint and make shisha with it!
That’s what Master Shisha has done with their Lemon With Mint hookah flavours, it’s a match made in Heaven and one of the top Master Shisha  flavors. Both flavors are clean and refreshing on their own, giving the smoker a cooling sensation you might get while chewing gum. Together, these Master shisha  flavors create a mix that is extremely smooth and refreshing to smoke. The Lemon With Mint does not produce thunder clouds, but enough smoke for you to enjoy. This amazing flavor from Master Shisha will keep you content and smoking for hours.

Gum with Mint from Master Shisha is a cool spearmint blend that is reminiscent of a stick of spearmint gum. This shisha flavor offers up a unique twist on the standard mint flavor that provides a smooth cooling effect. The delicious spearmint gum flavors also add a level of complexity to your session.

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